Ekat & Magda meet Producer & Director Beatrice Borromeo ⭐️

Hi Bea, please tell us a little bit about your new project and when the public will be able to view it? 🎥

I'm finally working on a project that I am very proud of. It's a story I've been following for many years and so far I'm happy with how it's coming along - we are still editing. It's the first time I direct a big documentary and also co-produce it, so the challenge is big but also very exciting. It should air at the beginning of 2023.

We know you’ve been editing from home. How do you manage with two toddlers 👼 running around?

I tried to work as much as possible when the kids are in school. I'm also very lucky that their father keeps them busy with plenty of activities, but I must say quite often I work also after they are in bed so to be able to spend enough time with our children.

What are your plans for the summer? How do you keep the kids busy? 🌴

I will work at least until the end of july and then according to how the documentary is going I will see how long of a holiday I will be able to take. I can't wait to go to the seaside with the kids. I love the summer routine with them: we swim, hike, explore, play... but they are also really into books which helps during the hottest hours of the day (we are impatiently waiting for you to do sunsuits for their age as well!).

What essentials for children do you pack for the beach? 🏖️

Sunscreen, sunglasses, water bottles, hats, toys to play in the send and a mask to explore underwater!

You’re an amazing party planner for your kids celebrations, can you share some of your tricks with us? 🥳

My husband is actually the mastermind behind every celebration as he really enjoys kids parties. Our most successful idea was to rent an inflatable castle, we couldn't get the kids off of it! Also we prepare nice juices, put music and sometimes costumes for every little guest to dress up as super heroes.

Your boys are very active & are always spending time outside, what are your tricks for protecting them from the sun? ☀️

I'm really careful when it comes to their health and I never let them go out in the summer without properly applying sunscreen at least a half hour before they are exposed to the sun. They have anti UVA t-shirts to swim and hats. They drink a lot of juices and water and we try not to go in the sun in the hottest hours of the day.

Can you share one of your favorite kid friendly healthy recipes? 🍡

It's very challenging to get one of my kids to eat vegetables but thankfully he loves soups. We do a crocodile soup that everyone loves at home!

To make it, we 1) slightly fry chopped onions with a bit of our home made olive oil, 2) add one big potato chopped, then a couple of chopped zucchini and any other veggies you like (we love leek) and 3) slowly add broth. 4) Add a few leaves of basil and mint and 5) after about 15-20 minutes mix everything until it's smooth. 6) At the end add a bit of cream and serve with croutons of bread prepared in the oven. 🍜

Can you share your children’s favorite book? 🌌

They are still very much into super hero books but lately they love everything about science also. Their favorite one at the moment is a book about the solar system.