EV Bousis Shares His Best Family Vacation Tips With Ekat & Magda 🌴

EV Bousis is the Co-Founder and Image Director of DUNDAS, the luxury fashion brand he started with his partner-in-life and business, Peter Dundas. EV has played a huge hand in dressing the world’s biggest celebrities. He’s also the proud dad of two beautiful children, Alexios and Eleni ❤️

Ekat & Magda met with EV to talk about fatherhood, fashion, and family travel tips.


What has been the most unexpected part of being a new dad? ✨

The most unexpected part of being a new dad has been how our love for the kids grows deeper as the days go on. You almost feel like it’s not an instant love, but it gets stronger and stronger every day.
A year and 15 months later, my love for my kids is still growing deeper.


Tell us about your favorite family vacation spots! 🏝️

Our favorite family vacation spot is our house in Greece, as we get to enjoy our kids with our family and our friends close by. Being able to contain the kids in one place is a plus! Our son loved going to vegetable garden every day and swimming at the pool. Watching the sunset all together each night before bedtime was a highlight.


What has been the highlight of summer 2022? 🌞

It has to be our kids’ baptism! We became the first openly gay couple to baptize our kids in the Greek Orthodox Church. Hopefully we are a small part of something big; of changing the way the church views children of same-sex parents. Baptizing our kids is something we have always dreamed about and looked forward to. The support we have received is overwhelming. It was a dream come true and from what we have seen, it has been quite impactful for the church and the gay community.


Can you tell us about Alexios and Eleni’s beautiful baptism in Greece? 🇬🇷

The baptism was something we have been working on for the past year. When the archbishop of America came to LA and asked to baptize our kids, we thought it was such an honor, not knowing it would be something that could change the course of history and could change the way that kids of gay parents were perceived in the church.

The ceremony was magical and something we will forever cherish and hold in our hearts.

Peter and I planned the party together, and Peter being a perfectionist, worked on it endlessly to make sure every detail was perfect and created a fantasyland for adults. We were very fortunate to have our best friends as godparents and to have all of our closest friends and family there to witness this and have lots of fun with us. There was a lot of dancing!

What do you pack for a successful summer vacation with the family? 😎

Packing for a family trip is quite tricky, as we have upped our game and now travel with about 18 – 20 pieces of luggage at a time. Being in fashion, we definitely had to sort out our kids’ looks for each day and we definitely probably spent more time planning their outfits than ours! There are a lot of logistics that come into play when traveling with family.

We enjoy spending time at the pool and the beach, and because keeping our kids protected is very important to us, we love our Ekat & Magda sunsuits!

Beyond the kids, what’s your top advice for nailing vacation style? 😊

Definitely have multiple looks for different occasions, as you never know where your trip will take you. Always understand where you are going on holiday, and make sure you fit in the place you are traveling so you don’t feel like you’re at a different party than where you’re at.


EV Bousis and Peter Dundas with their two kids on vacation. Both kids are wearing a Lily & Klaus sunsuit.