Welcome to the world of Ekat & Magda!

The idea for our brand came about one hot and sunny morning in Tuscany when founder Ekaterina Hannover smothered her 4 month old daughter Lily in sunscreen to protect her young skin from damaging rays. Much to her horror, Lily broke out in a rash, sadly a common side effect of sunscreen on sensitive baby skin. After contacting her mom friends and much independent research into the vulnerability of young skin, Ekaterina decided to design a line of 100% recycled, easy-to-wear sunsuits and hats for babies and toddlers with her two co-founders Emma Mannswirth and Thea Landehagen Gulbrandsen. 

Our sunsuits are certified with the Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) 50+, blocking 98% of UVA & UVB rays to ensure maximum protection for our kids and peace of mind for us. The sunsuits are easy to wear and comfortable for little humans to move and explore in the water and on shore. Buttons are also designed for easy, on the go dressing and undressing. 

For every collection, the Ekat & Magda team will release six fun prints available in five sizes ranging from 3 months to 3 years. The first collection, named Yummy In My Tummy, features bright, food themed prints in a range of cuisines, from breakfast treats, to sushi, Italian, veggies and sweet desserts. To make sure little ones are protected top to toe, sun hats are also available in cute, complementary primary colors.

At Ekat & Magda, we believe that all kids deserve to play freely in the sun. As such, a portion of all our sales is donated to the Bibi Fund, an organization supporting children and their families afflicted with children's brain cancer, and funding necessary research into some of the most rare and severe types of childhood brain cancers.

Also of high importance to us in creating the brand was sustainability. Eliminating sunscreen altogether by protecting kids with sunsuits helps prevent damage to their skin as well as coral reefs and the sea life they are home to. Our products use fabric made of recycled yarns, producing a much lower environmental impact than that of other post- consumer fabrics which require many chemicals and CO2 in the recycling process. Like our products, we also use sustainable and biodegradable materials in our packaging that leave minimal trace on Mother Earth. Additionally, products are produced under ethical working conditions and suppliers are treated in accordance with internationally recognized standards of human rights. Good design, giving back and doing our part for the earth are the three pillars we built our brand on and continue to abide by for our little humans and future generations.